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Professional Development For teachers

PD workshops help teachers transform their math classroom into a supportive and rigorous learning space. Content-focused workshops increase knowledge of math and strengthen teaching skills. All workshops emphasize how to foster an inclusive and compassionate math learning community.

Working with parents

What subtle or not-so-subtle messages are you sending to your children about studying math? How can you help make the best of your time at home (not just with homework). I can work with you privately or at your PTA meeting to provide tips on how to help your child achieve while not hating math.

One-on-one tutoring

I work one-on-one to help you overcome challenges with learning math. Meetings can occur remotely. I can work on a sliding scale based on your income. Emphasis placed on deep understanding in a supportive environment.

in the workplace

In business numbers tell a story. Make sure you can play your part in it. After graduation and once in the workforce, you may now see that stronger math skills could help advance your career. I can work one-on-one or in a group to help strengthen the quantitative skills needed at work.

Compassionate math will help you:

  • Increase your mathematical knowledge.
  • Feel more comfortable and confident with mathematics.
  • Be more successful doing math.
  • Feel less anxious about math. Or not anxious at all!
  • Support other math learners.
  • Overcome negative messaging you may have received in the past.
  • Have a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts.

what is compassionate math

Compassionate Math is the idea that learning mathematics is both an intellectual and emotional challenge – you can’t move forward intellectually if you don’t address negative emotions. And a person’s negative emotions are not due to their own personal flaws, they are due many factors including the Cycle of Benign Neglect. Now, many students (and teachers) are math anxious, are taught that they are not “math people”, are made to feel like they don’t belong in a math classroom, or have negative feelings towards math. The Compassionate Math framework supports math teachers and learners to understand that many societal factors affect how people feel about math and their math performance. In other words, your feelings towards math aren’t necessarily your fault. After all, human beings are mathematical beings.