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Numbers tell a story. What part do your employees play?

Are your employees nervous around numbers? Do they have difficulty reading sales reports or making accurate projections based on the data you provide? Math is a common pain point due to the Cycle of Benign Neglect. Students in school often avoid math and don’t feel comfortable working with numbers. Now in the workplace, the quantitative reasoning of employees could explain limited profits and success.

Compassionate Math is the idea that learning mathematics is both an intellectual and emotional challenge – you can’t move forward intellectually if you don’t address negative emotions. At Compassionate Math we understand how hard it is to go back and review the basics, how the past haunts many, and how fear, nervousness, and a discomfort with math can be professionally embarrassing. We can help remove emotional blocks, reduce math anxiety, and provide expertise to foster a supportive and rigorous math learning environment.

What to expect from compassionate math in the workplace

  • Connect with me to discuss your needs and expectations.
  • Provide materials and data so a personalized and relevant workshop can be developed using research-based methods.
  • Implement a plan to engage employees and optimize performance.

Provide your employees with a comfortable, anxiety-free opportunity to gain valuable skills and understand the numbers behind their work. Workshops are designed to reintroduce relevant mathematical ideas in a stress-free, friendly environment and can be personalized using your data as a basis for relevant activities. Help your employees feel confident they can handle any math in the workplace.

workshop topics

  • Understanding corporate reports.
  • How math is relevant in the workplace.
  • Learn to make accurate projections.
  • Data isn’t just for the data scientist.
  • Balancing competing numbers to make a decision.
  • Is the risk worth the benefit?
  • What is important for me to understand?
  • What do these numbers really mean?
  • Numbers make my head hurt.
  • Where do I start to make sense of all these numbers?