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Every parent wants the absolute best for their child. Not surprisingly, what parents do at home greatly influences what their children get out of school. Compassionate Math for parents can work on you one-on-one or with your PTA to help you support your child’s math learning.

Do you dread the day your child comes home and asks for help with math homework? Do you look at your child’s math homework and are confused that what they’re learning is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT than what you learned so you can’t help them? Compassionate Math for Parents can help you review content and give you the ability to help your child without panicking. More importantly, you won’t pass along negative messages about learning math. Yes, negative messages are cyclical and pass through the generations like child abuse! I call this the Cycle of Benign Neglect.

If you are homeschooling or podding, you want to make sure your children are learning more than a list of rules and procedures when they study math. Mathematics is more than that and includes making connections and recognizing patterns. I can work with you to ensure you are maximizing your children’s potential.

Practicing math doesn’t have to be limited to homework, Compassionate Math for Parents can help you incorporate more math into your everyday life in fun ways so that your child becomes more comfortable doing math.

What to expect from compassionate math for parents

  • Connect with me to discuss your needs and expectations.
  • Learn how to support your little ones’ math learning using research-based methods.
  • Implement a plan to transform your children’s future.

available support for parents

  • How to make the most of homework.
  • Math can be fun at home.
  • Support for homeschooling / podding.
  • Parental messaging and how it affects children’s progress in math.
  • Help! I hated math, and now my child needs my help!
  • Being an advocate for your child in math class.
  • How math anxiety in parents is passed to children, and how to stop that.
  • Helping our daughters succeed in math.